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AIRS Membership

AIRS Membership Benefits

AIRS membership = professional development, benefits, education, networking. Join us! 

We made some changes to AIRS memberships for 2016. Here are some highlights:

  • There are 4 membership levels instead of the previous 5.
  • The new names for the membership levels are Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Individual.
  • The revised regular fees are $550, $300, $175 and $75, respectively.
  • The former Basic Organizational level was eliminated. If you were at this level, you will have to choose whether to renew at the Platinum, Gold or Silver level and will have access to more benefits including 5% off conference and certification fees and 10% off AIRS online training courses. 
  • Platinum, Gold and Silver are designed for organizations and one membership covers all I&R staff and volunteers.
  • Gold is for those with I&R budgets over $100,000 and Silver for those with budgets under $100,000. (Previously the budget level was set at over and under $75k
  • More benefits were added to some levels.
  • As the name implies, Individual is restricted to those who qualify and must be registered in their personal name and address (not an employer).
  • Starting in 2018, membership fees will be revised every other year based on the Federal Cost of Living Adjustment rate.
  • Once a member has joined or renewed, they will no longer be sent a membership package by mail – it will be delivered in a new electronic format. 



PLATINUM - $550  Our best value & most popular option!

 Benefits applicable to all I&R staff & volunteers of the member agency. 

  • One hardcopy of the AIRS I&R Training Guide (formerly the ABCs of I&R; value $450)
  • One bookmarked PDF of the AIRS I&R Training Guide that can be distributed to all staff
  • Reduced pricing on additional copies of the AIRS I&R Training Guide ($65 a set or $45 for the I&R Specialist version and $30 for the Resource Specialist version)
  • 15% off AIRS Conference registration (save $78 per person!)
  • 15% off AIRS Certification (save $13 for each new applicant and $8 on each renewal)
  • 10% discount on AIRS Online Training courses through http://airs.academy.reliaslearning.com
  • Access to special rates on telephone interpretation & bilingual staff testing from LanguageLine Solutions
  • Access to preferred pricing for cloud telephony services from InContact (inquire at info@airs.org
  • Preferred pricing on online printing via Mimeo (inquire at info@airs.org)
  • Access to I&R Toolkit

+ Access to the AIRS Networker (our member-only social networking site allows you to work online with colleagues, stay up to date on I&R news and opportunities, network with peers, and access resources)

+ Discount pricing on subscriptions to The AIRS/211 LA County Taxonomy of Human Services

+ Membership in your local AIRS Affiliate and all their member benefits (where applicable)

+ Free member-only webinars (average of 10 webinars offered each year)

+ Professional development, support and volunteer opportunities

+ 9 electronic issues of Connections, the AIRS Newsletter

+ Voting privileges


GOLD - $300    (For organizations with annual I&R program budgets over $100,000)

SILVER - $175  (For organizations with annual I&R program budgets under $100,000)

Covers all I&R staff & volunteers of the member agency. You get all the + marked benefits above plus:



Available only to students, retirees, or those whose agencies will not take out a membership. Membership only covers one person and must be taken out in their personal name and address (not an agency). Note: Individuals are able to join at the other levels for more benefits. You receive all the + marked benefits listed under Platinum membership in addition to:

  • Member prices for all applicable AIRS products and services (including certification and conference fees)
  • Access to AIRS Online Training courses through http://airs.academy.reliaslearning.com.

AIRS is the organization for all I&R providers. Join us!

A single integrated membership structure provides automatic membership to both AIRS and the independent state/regional Affiliate that serves your state/region (if applicable). For example, a Texas-based agency becomes a member of both AIRS and Texas AIRS for the same single price. You get the benefits of both organizations for one membership fee!

NOTE: As all memberships begin on January 1st, any new agency joining after July 1st will pay a partial fee providing membership coverage until December 31st, at which time a full renewal can be made for the following year. If you are based in Canada, AIRS has a joint membership program with InformCanada and applications must be made via www.informcanada.ca.

For more information contact AIRS membership director Moayad Zahralddin.


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