...the membership association for Information & Referral professionals, and the driving force behind clear and consistent professional Standards that benchmark every aspect of quality I&R.

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First published in 1973 and now in its 7th edition (7.0 officially being released on April 2nd, 2013), the AIRS Standards underpin and bind together every aspect of I&R and define the direction of all the products and services provided by AIRS. The Standards are the foundation of I&R service delivery and the prime benchmark of quality I&R.

There are 29 Standards, covering every facet of an I&R operation.  

The AIRS Standards and Quality Indicators for Professional Information and Referral are available for free to everyone passionate about quality I&R.

Download the document outlining the Summary of Changes featured in the 7th edition.

There are also separate standards that cover the structure of resource databases - The AIRS XSD Data Interoperability Standards.

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