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SC-AIRS is a regional affiliate (chapter) of the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (AIRS), the only professional association dedicated to the field of information and referral. 

Information and Referral (I&R) is the art, science, and practice of bringing people and services together. When people have questions or need help to find critical services such as financial assistance, food, shelter, child care, jobs, or mental health support, they turn to the members of South Carolina AIRS to receive information on community, social, and health services. Our member agencies create and maintain databases of programs and services and then disseminate that information through a variety of channels including telephone, computer and mobile devices, and in person. The assistance they provide is free, fast, convenient, and courteous.

We encourage all individuals and organizations dedicated to providing quality I&R services in South Carolina to join us!
MEMBERSHIP: When you join SC-AIRS you'll receive many benefits including support, training and professional development, information and technical assistance, advocacy, and be able to network with your peers
in I&R. We host periodic AIRS certification testing, and our annual member meeting is typically held in the fall.    

The membership period corresponds to the SC-AIRS fiscal year which is January 1-December 31.  Membership becomes effective upon payment of the current fiscal year’s dues.  There are three classes of members:    

      Agency Membership is open to agencies involved or interested in the provision and enhancement of information and referral services.

     Individual Membership is open to individuals employed or interested in the provision and enhancement of information and referral services.

     Honorary Membership is awarded to those that the Board of Directors wishes to recognize for outstanding contributions to SC-AIRS or the field of I&R.

Plus, by becoming a member of SC-AIRS you automatically become a member of AIRS and receive the benefits of both organizations! You'll get access to the I&R Standards; Taxonomy of Health and Human Services; ABCs of I&R; I&R Toolkit; Conference & Training; Connections Newsletter (11 issues a year); AIRS Networker, our members-only social networking site; credentially opportunities through the Certification and Accreditation programs; and more! 

AIRS has 3 levels of membership: Premium, Standard and Basic. For most organizations, Premium Membership provides the best combination of benefits and cost savings throughout the year. The most significant benefit to joining as a Premium member, is that you will receive a free hardcopy and electronic copy of the ABCs of I&R (value $450). This 600-page publication is updated every year and is the foundation of all standards-driven I&R training. In addition, you receive discounts on AIRS products and services including the annual conference, certification, and training resources. Remember, because the membership fee is split between AIRS and SC-AIRS as the state/regional Affiliate, you only pay one fee and automatically become a member of both organizations!

For additional information on membership or to join, please use the menu buttons on the left or call  Moayad Zahralddin at 703-218-AIRS (2477).


For more information on South Carolina AIRS please contact Berneice Thomas or Mel Favor:

    Beneice Thomas, President         Melina (Mel) Favor, Operations

                                  803-800-9122                            803-318-0420                                   




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