AIRS must receive notification from the hosting organization at least 90 days in advance of a test date. The reason for this time limit is so that potential test takers in the surrounding region can receive adequate notice of the testing opportunity and have time to complete their individual applications. The CRS, CRS-A/D, and CRS-DC exams will be offered at each test site and must be open to all qualified candidates (i.e. someone from another state or even another country, can travel to another approved test site in order to take an exam).

For additional questions, contact AIRS at 703-218-AIRS (2477) ext 3 or

Important Announcement Regarding Computer-Based Testing

In 2013, AIRS moved its certification exams from pen-and-paper Scantron forms to computer-based testing (CBT). CBT exams still require a proctored testing environment! Although the CBT exams are easier for candidates and provide faster results (within 5-10 working days), the requirements on the part of the exam hosts are more stringent.

Many member organizations have training rooms with Internet-linked computers that are appropriate for hosting an online exam. Other free or low-cost local options may include city/county training departments, nonprofit employment/training centers, United Ways, community colleges, libraries and school districts. Check your resource database! We realize that the first-time around you host a CBT may be a bit concerning or tricky but (as with most things), it will get a lot easier with subsequent exams.

Hosting Applications

Download a Host Site CBT Coordinator Application and the CBT Proctor Application to find out what is involved in hosting a CBT exam.

Additional Option - "Examity" Testingfor your choice of location - at home or at work! Providing you have a webcam and a high-speed Internet connection, the AIRS Certification exam can be taken either at home or at work. AIRS is partnering with a commercial service called Examity that provides online one-on-one proctoring via webcam. Essentially, you log on to the system and connect with a staff member at Examity who will check your photo ID, ensure that your computer has no other programs running, that your work area is clear and that during the exam, you remain in your chair and attentive only to the exam. There is a $30 charge for this service that included in the AIRS application fee. AIRS does not receive any revenue from this service. However, this is a viable option particularly for someone wanting a re-test or facing a long journey to another testing site.

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