Platinum Members can click here to download the current version of the AIRS I&R Training Manual

"The AIRS Manual of I&R Training" (previously known as the "ABCs of I&R") is the foundation for training all I&R Specialists and Resource Specialists. It is also a very valuable aid to prepare existing staff for AIRS Certification examinations.

This year, Platinum AIRS members will receive not one but two hardcopy publications!  In response to user requests, we have divided the I&R Specialist and the Resource Specialist sections into two separate volumes. There are still more than 600 total pages of newly edited content, but each edition is easier to use. This year's edition features new material within the Resource Specialist volume on the design of online resource databases for the public, and on prioritization options for resource database maintenance.

In the I&R Specialist volume, there are TWO new sections -- an Introduction to Human Services (also relevant to Resource Specialists) and a section on Serving LGBT Communities.  

Also in response to favorable reviews of last year's pilot, the 2016 edition is accompanied by a slide-deck that covers the first seven sections of the Training Manual (Introduction to I&R, Introduction to Human Services, The I&R Process, Advocacy and Empowerment, Crisis Intervention, Follow-up, and Confidentiality). Users are free to use this slide-deck as a base and customize to include your own agency-specific material.

This is all in addition to what is probably the most-used version – the bookmarked PDF of the AIRS I&R Training Manual (with audio clips) that can be provided to each member of your I&R team. The value of the entire package for non-Platinum members is $450 (or if you buy them separately, $350 for the I&R Specialist edition and $150 for the Resource Specialist edition) – which is still a bargain when you consider this is the foundation of your staff training program.

The easiest and most economical way to obtain a copy is to take out an AIRS membership at the Platinum Level. This will ensure that you automatically receive a hardcopy and an electronic copy every year ... in addition to securing the other benefits of membership. 

Contact if you are interested in purchasing a copy or upgrading your membership to Platinum. If you are a Platinum member and have not yet received your copy, please email Moayad. (Please note that a Canadian PDF edition of the AIRS Training Manual is available for Canadian members through InformCanada).

You may download an order form here.

Most sections include:

  • Learning concepts and objectives for the section.

  • An outline of section components.

  • Introductory exercises to stimulate reflection on the upcoming issues.

  • Relevant references to the AIRS Standards (“What the AIRS Standards say”).

  • Core instructional material (“What you need to know”).

  • Issues for discussion that deal with challenging concepts.

  • A scenario for review/participation.

  • A role-playing option (after each role-play, an instructor can explore what was done well and what other techniques could have been used).

  • Suggested ways to speak with clients (these are intended to be useful examples of “ways to say” certain things. They are not meant to be verbatim statements but guides for I&R practitioners to put into their own words when directly engaged with clients).

  • Summary of key points.

  • Test questions on objectives.

  • Answers to test questions.

Note that the test questions are written in the same format (4-option multiple choice) and style as AIRS Certification questions. These should prove useful preparation for individuals preparing for the examination but of course, success in one cannot guarantee success in the other.



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