Serving our Members

What to Do and What to Expect

AIRS is a membership association for the I&R sector and profession. All of our revenues derive from providing value to our members as we receive no outside funding and because of this our goal is to serve our members in the same way our members serve their own communities. The AIRS Board consists of volunteers from a variety of I&R agencies - they are your peers and are themselves members who expect quality service.

You should expect to be promptly treated with courtesy and respect every time you contact us and when you do, any information you provide us is protected under the confidentiality standards of the I&R profession.

When you contact us by email or voicemail, you should receive a reply within 2 business days. If you do not, please resend the original message immediately as it may not have been received due to a technical glitch. When you contact us by letter, you should receive a reply within 10 calendar days. If for any reason we cannot reply within those time frames, we should acknowledge your communication and tell you how long it will be before we can fully answer your question. 

Sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes it is our fault, sometimes it is a misunderstanding or missing piece of information (for example, not being able to respond to a voicemail because the caller only left a first name and forgot to leave an agency or phone number). The important thing is to let us know when something goes wrong as soon as possible so we can try and fix it.

Steps to Resolve an Issue:

  1. If you are an AIRS member and have not received the service you expect, please email AIRS Membership Director, Moayad Zahralddin.
  2. If you are not satisfied with the response you receive, contact AIRS Chief Operating Officer, Charlene Hipes.
  3. If those two steps still fail to provide the solution or explanation that you need, please contact the President of AIRS, Robert McKown. Or contact any AIRS Board member or member of the Affiliates Council.

Measuring customer service:

Approximately once a year AIRS sends an online survey to all members asking specific questions about the recent level of customer satisfaction. It also gives you an opportunity to give suggestions for improvement to current programs and services and share new ideas for AIRS. All survey comments are read by all AIRS Board members and the results of each survey are shared on the AIRS Networker. 

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