AIRS Affiliates (or chapters) act as the face and voice of the national organization in a local region. Operating as independent membership organizations, they bring together individuals and agencies working in information and referral in a defined geographic area for networking, training, promotion, leadership development, advocacy on public policy and issues, and more. For information regarding AIRS Affiliates, including advice on how to develop one in your area, please contact

If there is an existing AIRS Affiliate (Chapter) in your state/region, we encourage you to join them and get involved! (Click here for a contact list of the Affiliate leaders) There are no separate membership dues so regardless of whether you join AIRS through your local Affiliate or the AIRS national office, in most circumstances, you automatically become a member of both organizations.


California AIRS (CAIRS)
Georgia AIRS
Illinois AIRS (ILAIRS)
Iowa/Nebraska AIRS
Maryland AIRS
Michigan AIRS
Missouri, Arkansas and Kansas AIRS (MAK AIRS)
New York State AIRS (NYS AIRS)
Northwest AIRS (NW-AIRS)
Tennessee AIRS

Virginia AIRS (VAIRS)
Wisconsin AIRS


InformCanada (National partner of AIRS)



The AIRS Affiliates Council is made up of one primary representative per AIRS Affiliate (Chapter). They assist with carrying important information up and down the AIRS communication chain - from acting as advisors and sharing local concerns and initiatives with the AIRS Board and helping promote AIRS news and initiatives to their members and potential members locally. The Affiliates Council also acts as a valuable peer-to-peer networking resource as it allows each chapter to learn from each other and discuss ways to better serve their local members.

Affiliate Council Chair:

Sherri Vainavicz, Heart of West Michigan United Way, 118 Commerce Ave. SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, 616 752-8641 

To contact a specific area representative, email AIRS at

11240 Waples Mill Road · Suite 200 · Fairfax, VA 22030 | 703.218.AIRS (2477) |
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