Certification Holders

You may download the current list here: Certification Holders as of February 27, 2023

You can also see a Tableau map of Certification holders in North America, by state and province here: AIRS Certifications by State and Province

If your organization has AIRS Certified staff (or you are Certified yourself), this list displays dates of expiry and should help make sure that everyone is aware of their upcoming re-certification. (No-one wants to retake the exam!).

If your organization does NOT have AIRS Certified staff, we encourage you to make that part of your QA goals!  All the information you need on the process can be reviewed at www.airs.org/certification

The list is organized by state/province, city and organization. It contains the names of each Certification holder, the type of Certification held and the date on which their Certification expires. There are individual worksheets (the tabs at the bottom of the document) for the specific Certifications (e.g. CRS-A/D).

Note that there are 232 individuals who have asked for their names to be excluded for confidentiality reasons. (They are free to change their minds by emailing certification@airs.org)

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