About PAIR

Founded in 1981, PAIR (Pennsylvania Association for Information & Referral) is a professional membership organization for Information & Referral providers and other interested parties.

Our mission statement states that PAIR is "dedicated to uniting and supporting its membership and advocating for professional standards to ensure quality information and referral services throughout Pennsylvania."

Anyone in the business of providing information about referrals to agencies in their community's human service delivery system will find that PAIR represents their interests. Included in this group are established Information & Referral programs (both comprehensive and specialized), crisis intervention hot lines, and self-help groups. Other helping professionals in private, voluntary and government health and social service agencies can also benefit from membership. Last, but not least, are people working in allied fields who find themselves called upon to help people with their problems. Such individuals may be found in public libraries, schools, hospitals, churches, nursing homes, labor unions, personnel departments, law offices, police and fire departments.

PAIR is governed by an elected Board of Directors. The PAIR Board of Directors is made up of members from across the state, representing both comprehensive and specialized Information & Referral programs. Currently, the Board meets every other month, alternating the meeting site between Harrisburg and State College. All PAIR Board meetings are open to any PAIR member. Persons interested in attending a PAIR Board meeting should contact Toni McCuistion, PAIR Secretary, at (717) 394-0734.

To contact PAIR, please call us at (717) 757-3782. This is a voice mailbox for PAIR that is checked several times a week by the PAIR Board.

Membership in PAIR has many benefits. PAIR members receive a newsletter with updated information about the Information and Referral field, both on a state and national level. PAIR sponsors a statewide conference and workshop every two years. PAIR members receive a registration discount to the conference. PAIR members can also participate in the Tri-State conference held on alternating years, either in Pennsylvania, Ohio or West Virginia.

PAIR offers technical and administrative advice pertaining to the management of an Information and Referral Service. There is an opportunity to provide input on program planning policies, share ideas, problems and solutions with others in the field.

For more information about PAIR or becoming a member, please see related information on this web site or call the PAIR phone line. A PAIR Board member will contact you with more information.