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In addition to the questions below, please refer to The Networker Instructions Document that uses screenshots and a video to show you how to navigate the Networker, and how your agency can add new staff to it.

Q: What is the AIRS Networker?

The AIRS Networker at is a Web 2.0 application that allows AIRS members to work together in all manner of online communities and collaborations. It is a professional networking application and you are free to harness its power in any way that helps yourself and your organization. Overall the Networker has a multiplicity of advantages over the previous system, including the ability to create and expand searchable resource libraries, public and private discussion groups, blogs, searchable directories and private online communities.

Q: What are some primary benefits?

  • The ability to network through online communities with other professionals in I&R.
  • Find colleagues and build contacts by searching either by first name, last name, email, organization, etc.
  • A Glossary containing definitions of more than 900 I&R-related terms (e.g. “what is a call”?) as well as general human services concepts.
  • Discussions and libraries are searchable. You can conduct a general search of a concept (e.g. phantom calls) and you can find out if there are documents, blogs, discussion threads or other materials relevant to your question.
  • Rather than send someone a document, you can place that document in a resource library (for example, the AIRS Networker Open Forum library) and it is there for others … for now and in the future
  • Set parameters for how to receive postings according to your preferences (e.g. from a daily digest to real time)
  • It’s kinda cool

Q: How much does it cost?

The Networker is a benefit of being a member of AIRS so if you or your organization is a member then there's no additional charge.

Q: How many staff from my organization can participate?

As an AIRS member, all staff are eligible for a Networker account. There are no limits, so feel free to add as many staff as you would like. Each individual has their own login and profile.

Q: How do I join the AIRS Networker?

You need your own individual account. If you are the billing contact for your agency or if you are AIRS Certified, then you almost certainly already have an account. Go to and click "Sign In" located on the top right hand side. Then click "Reset Password" ... and if you are on the system, you will be emailed your unique ID and password.

Q: What if that doesn’t work?

If you do not have an individual account, you will need to ask the billing contact for your organization (i.e. the person who receives emails from AIRS on membership renewals) to create one for you. Check out this video on how to add, delete or edit contacts.

Q: I have tried all the above but I am still experiencing problems (of whatever nature), what should I do?

Don't allow yourself to get frustrated, email and let us try and help.
Q: Any rules to participate?
Each online community develops its own set of cultural guidelines on how to interact with its members. Here is the social ‘netiquette’ that we have evolved from the old AIRS Networker:
  • When replying to a message, delete non-relevant parts
  • Completing your profile makes it easier for other people to find you and contact you directly should the need arise
  • You can reply to an individual directly or to the entire online community. As a rule of thumb, ask yourself whether your message is something the whole list would be interested in, or is your message something only the individual recipient will care about. Please avoid “me too” type responses
  • If you are asking a question, such as “Does anyone have a ….”, first try looking through the records of previous threads and resources. Someone may already have posted exactly what you need
  • These guidelines are meant to reduce moments of frustration, not create new ones. Don't be afraid to speak up or speak out about an issue. The AIRS Networker is and should be a fun and breezy way to learn about the I&R profession around the world
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