Training Manual (Platinum members only)

AIRS I&R Training Manual for Platinum Members

Thank you for your commitment to AIRS, to the field of I&R and to your staff and clients.

As a Platinum AIRS member, we are very pleased to provide you a completely redesigned publication which will be more flexible to share, easier to read and simpler to navigate. This PDF is best used online by all your staff but can also be printed. It is about 15MB so it might take a while to download. We trust you will enjoy our new interactive version of the 2020 Edition of The AIRS Training Manual!

(Depending on your browser, this document might open in a browser window ... in which case, for it to open properly, you must first save it on your system).

Concerning Printing
As stated above, this publication works best as an interactive PDF but you still have the option to print-it-yourself. The document can be printed in either color or black-and-white and at the various degrees of quality offered by your printer. Although you may print off the above PDF and find it very workable, we are making a high resolution version available for those who wish to take that option. It is five times the size of the standard version, allowing the photos and graphics to come through much sharper (again, this is dependent on your printer settings).

Please note that the two Training Manual contains more than 600 pages, so you may want to double-check the amount of paper in your printer and the amount of ink in your printer cartridge!

Hardcover version
If you have joined us as a Platinum member, you should receive the hard-copy version (which comes in two volumes) within 3-4 weeks of your membership payment. If you have not yet received it by the times scheduled above, please contact

If you are interested in purchasing a copy or upgrading your membership to the Platinum Level, you may download an order form here.

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